FRP profile water grinding processing do you understand?


FRP profile grinding processing do you understand?what’s the technical of  FRP grinding process?How specific do you understand?Please see below I make up related introduction of FRP profile grinding processing.FRP profiles of water treatment means make new or old profile refurbished.What´s the specific grinding operation steps?First water sandpaper waterproof,when water grind,the water sand paper to high starting point, the general starting from 600,Some users in order to improve the efficiency, from the beginning of 400, even 400 more thick water sandpaper,For a moment, but coarse paper caused by sand marks after sanding is no fine sandpaper grinding away; After no. 600 to no. 800, no. 1000, no. 1200, no. 1500(or 2000) step by step,  any kind of can´t save, and Seiko secret agents, to make efforts, spend a fine effort,shall not be any tricks.