Analysis on the future development of FRP enclosure


Market survey and market prospect of necessary reports on glass steel telescopic fence project forecast writing, including the investigation and analysis of several aspects of the project involves raw material market, product market, technology and equipment, project analysis and future prospects of the project product market.

With the continuous growth of China´s economy, the country has more and more attention to the development of  FRP steel telescopic fence project. In order to organize the investment and construction of the FRP fence project, a thorough investigation and study should be carried out in the early stage of the project. Report is for the project investment needs to provide the first hand in the decision-making department of the market survey data and the project market prospects related to industrial policy, tax policy, export trade policy to make an analysis.

Report to the project investment and construction must consider the problem as a starting point for investors to detailed analysis of the entire project facing the market environment and future investment income estimates. The report is based on objective facts, for the purpose of investment in the project of  FRP projects and capital institutions have an excellent reference value.The electronic fence is currently the most advanced anti-theft perimeter alarm system, which is composed of electronic fence host (JS-TD2010) and the front fence detection component. The electronic fence host is generating and receiving a high voltage pulse signal, and in the front fence in the net and detection of short circuit and open circuit state can generate an alarm signal, and the signal is sent to the security intrusion alarm center; the front end detection by visible perimeter fence rod and other components of the metal wire. Through the control of the keyboard or control software, can achieve multi-level networking. Electronic fence is a fence more proactive intrusion prevention, intrusion attempts to counterattack, repel intruders, delay the intrusion time, and do not threaten people´s lives, and the intrusion signal is sent to the Security Department of the monitoring equipment, to ensure that managers can timely find out the alarm area, make fast.

Blocking effect of electronic fence is reflected in the deterrent function, wire suspension warning signs, a see will produce psychological pressure, and when touching the fence will have the feeling of electric shock, enough to discourage intruders; secondly, the electronic fence itself is a physical barrier, install the appropriate height and angle, it is difficult to climb; if forced the breakthrough, the host sends an alarm signal.